Digital Womanist

The digital revolution is having a strong impact on the way in which cultural contents are produced and accessed, as well as on the way in which the public interacts with culture, increasing the importance of making the territorial cultural system recognisable and appealing. The Digital Womanist project partnership aims to develop a new Curriculum to develop digital hard skills in female humanistic students starting from a qualitative and quantitative DESK and FIELD survey of the HE curricula offer system. It will:
analyse the training offer of the humanities faculties, highlighting strengths/areas for improvement to equip students with the aforementioned skills
talk to representatives of cultural organizations to detect the need for skills of digital transformation processes and guide the response of university systems
talk to female students to identify the main obstacles to be removed/contained to reduce the digital gender divide.

It will then co-design the "Digital Womanist" University Curriculum to develop digital hard skills in female humanistic students and create Open Educational Resources in the form of interactive training video pills that will be part of the
"DIGIT" Educational TV Programme, for the digital upskilling of women.
Students involved will conduct an as is - to be analysis at the companies involved by the partnership to implement the most suitable digital solutions for the digital transition of their offer system, which will be prototyped in the Digital Solutions Design Labs and introduced in the company. Finally, it will involve a group of partnership teachers to transfer and uniform the methodological approach on transformational Team coaching to conduct the Labs and, thus, accompany the personal and professional evolution of female students.

Expected Results

  1. We will establish an international multi-actor network consisting of academic centres, research and development centres of methodologies and technologies for teaching/learning, enterprises/business organizations in the public and private cultural sector that integrates academic, technological, methodological and productive expertise to adapt HE programs to the current and prospective needs of the labour market.
  2. We will implement, within the HE partner offer systems, a new university curriculum of "Digital Womanist", as an international, integrated and permanent teaching framework, which will allow the development of the target digital hard skills of the students of humanistic background (PR1).
  3. We will be working on digital integration of learning activities (PR2) with access to a series of interactive video training pills (OER), to be accessed freely online to increase digital hard skills related to augmented and virtual reality, app development and minigames, to valorise the cultural assets of the area and also to the "DIGIT" Educational TV Programme which introduces the topics related to a specific skill of the curriculum.
  1. We will involve a group of at least 90 female students in partner countries in the experimentation of a blended training course. There will also be a work-based learning session, where the students will be called to personally face and solve real problems of a relational, negotiation, planning, managerial and technological nature, becoming the protagonists of the entire prototype implementation process.
  2. We will involve a pool of partnership teachers in a training session on the methodological alignment to hold the laboratories by applying the transformational Team coaching model to guide the students in the implementation of digital solutions and accompany them in the WBL sessions.
  3. We will create a Toolkit (PR3) containing: a) an as is-to-be analysis model (PR3) that female students will have to carry out in companies to identify the most suitable digital solutions to accelerate their digital transition that will be prototyped in the Digital Solutions Design Lab and concretely created and introduced in the company during the WBL sessions. b) the guidelines to hold workshop sessions applying the transformational Team coaching model to guide the female students in the creation of digital cultural communication prototypes.
  4. Finally, we will try to identify the opportunities foreseen by the regional, national and community calls, to implement and transfer the results in new contexts.

Call for Students

Application call in the testing phase of "Digital Womanist"

Female students are invited to participate for free in testing innovative tools for training in the field of digital skills in the cultural and creative economy.Participants will receive an in-depth insight into state-of-the-art skills and knowledge of the new digital technologies applied to the cultural heritage, then will test them in a practical way in the business field giving researchers and companies valuable feedback.

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Joining the network is free of charge and does not bind the participating educational institutions in any way. It is merely an opportunity for collaboration in the world of pedagogical research and innovation of existing and emerging educational models.


University of Salerno
Artykel Creative FOrm s.r.o.
The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Romania
Universidad de Alicante
University of Bucharest
University of Ostrava
University of Peloponnese


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